Open-source platform for wearable data analytics.

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What is cloudbrain?

Cloudbrain is a free and open-source platform for wearable data analytics.

Our goal is to promote open science and to empower you to keep control over your own biodata.

We're working hard to make it easy for you to store, visualize, and analyze data.


Send Data

Connect your device and start streaming.

Store Data

Save your sessions and learn from your data.

Analyze Data

Find patterns with Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning modules.

Visualize Data

Try different modules to vizualize live or recorded data.

Cloudbrain is open-source.

Join the fun!

Meet The Team

Marion Le Borgne

William Wnekowicz

Alessio Della Motta

John Naulty Jr.

Octavian Drulea

Pierre Karashchuk

David Silva

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